L.A. – With Pat Donfro and Nicky Lamarche

Los Angeles, California – Pat Donfro & Nicky Lamarche

Pat Donfro – Knobbed Boardslide

Eduardo Craig & Manny Santiago

Josh Love – Fakie 5-0 line at Jkwon Sunday sesh (edited photo)

California Hills

Alex Gourdouros – Smith

Pat Donfro – 5050 up

Background behind the photos:

Around 12 years ago after watching Talking Heads “Once in a Lifetime” DVD I always wanted to see David Byrne play a show. This was finally the year David Byrne was having a tour throughout the US.

About a month ago: Pat Donfro, Nicky Lamarche, Sean Hernandez & myself (Dave Bachinsky) attended a concert in Boston, MA to see David Byrne & St. Vincent play. We enjoyed some beers and had a awesome night at the show, on the way home I mentioned “they were playing in LA 4 weeks from that night”. I was flying back to LA to enjoy the winter for skating & definitely getting tickets. Pat decided to see how much the tickets would be. Five minutes on the highway leaving Boston, I had grabbed Pats phone & pushed the pay button without everyones approval of plans.

These photos are from the weekend they came out to Los Angeles ,California for the concert. Get Back out here for the winter! Shred!

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