ESPN: Tadashi Yamaoda Sihouettes Skating Gallery

CA Bs. Noseblunt Revert Photo By: Tadashi Yamaoda

With skating’s rapid progression and the immediacy of footage on the Internet it’s sometimes easy to forget that skateboarding makes some of the very best subject matter there is for action photography. Our boy in the Bay Area, Tadashi Yamaoda recently sent us a grip of photos all composed with the skater shot in silhouette. This unique gallery is less about the trick and more about the posture and art created by style, poise, spot selection and light. Take a look at his unique perspective featuring skaters including Think’s Dave Bachinsky and Jeremy Reeves,Consolidated’s Sean GutierrezAlien Workshop’s Omar Salazar and more. Launch Gallery »Photo Gallery

Tadashi Yamaoda: Website / Instagram

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