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Recently we drove up to Portland Maine for a Steeze Magazine trip. Matt Fenell brought it up for us to stay at his cabin in Maine, When we got here he gave us the run down that his Grandfather build this amazing place. Thanks for the best weekend before heading west bud. I can’t wait to shred with yea!

Another 6 hour drive up to SF with the hommie Cody Mcentire. Good man right there!

Nicky Lamarche – Got me into skating, Another awesome Boston Sesh

Were working on a new video boston call Natural Selection, Elliott Vecchia is producing / filming it. This photo is from one of the boston missions when a friend came close to landing a trick. Were putting in work. check out for updates:
I got back for 2 months over the summer to MA. My car was back in CA so I decided to buy a motorcycle. I never drove something I had to deal with gears, so my first time on the highway I made it count. I drove 30 minutes north to see the Pops. We had a great breakfast and enjoyed.
We all got done skating and we were hanging out on the porch. I sat on the railing and was talking on the phone trying to get the friend to come skate with us. Mid conversation the railing broke and I went flying into the garden haha. Sean Hernandez went to his car and came back with this ^ Thanks bud for all the help!

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