End Of The Road


This is our last days on this 23 day adventure through out Europe. When I picked these photos out, This is what I saw in the trip. It’s the everyday hype we experienced. Thanks to the Vox crew for making these missions amazing, all the distributions that supported us, and everyone that helped make this trip happen. Cheers to y’all an keep it going!

This post is for Pat Donfro:

I’ve been traveling for the last 2 months, using a camera where ever I go skateboarding. This Europe trip, I just bought my first film camera, I didn’t know if a single roll of film was gonna develop properly. When I got back to Los Angeles, I realized that each little mission to get each photo was the hype for me. Just a quick click. “Maybe it will come out..” anyhow Pat hooked me upwith his camera for my cross country trip “Where The Vox Are” tripin (America),  Since then I’ve been trying to shoot as much as I can. Thanks dude for making me look at whats around me more / burning holes in my pocket! Shape DEUCE!

1. We did a skate park demo in Ericeira, Portugal across from the park was a beach with amazing cliff views. I ventured around the rocks & talked to this guy for a bit.. “no luck yet” he replied but hopefully he caught himself a ol’ sucker’

2. Walking around Rotterdam, Holland on a rainy day with everyone, I saw this guy breaming a oldie from 1901. While everyone was walking away, I had to go back and get a quick shot.

3. We just got off a 2 hour train ride in Rotterdam, Holland. We were sitting around drinking coffee waiting for our ride.I looked up and saw her sitting there, I had to run over and ask for a picture..

4. After a full day skating and a demo, we went to a buffet, these guys were next door at a bar enjoying there evening.

5. Portugal Hommie John, seu cão!

6. Madrid, Spain stuck at a stop light, I stuck my head out the window, “Cool if I shoot a photo”..  snook a smile

Photos from the trip:

Zarautz – Spain    /    Bordeaux – France    /   Madrid/Bayonne/Cologne

 Lisboa – Portugal    /   Rotterdam – Holland

Video of the trip

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