Lisboa – Portugal

The Crew!


Josh Hawkins – Fs. Wall Ride

Remato Aires enjoying the grape vines

Josh Hawkins 5-0

5 o’Clock Somewhere

Coming up the road on the other side of the Bowl

2 hours of relaxing then off to shred a demo

2 days before the trip, I’m sitting around with Darren Miller an Cody Mcentire and were going back an forth about our trip details, I throw out “I would love to change my ticket after the trip and enjoy a week in Portugal.” These guys started cracken up… I didn’t know we were going. I’m so stoked we got a taste of a cobblestone European version of Lowell / San Francisco looking city. When you arrive in Lisboa it’s tiled stones throughout the skinny streets, trolleys are going up an down hills, colorful houses everywhere & to top it off theres a giant red bridge leaving the city. It’s a amazing place I wish we had more time.

After visiting Lisboa for a day we drove 5 hours north to a town called Viana De Casetlo. At 3am we arrived at our destination, seeing a old military ship next to us. They explain it’s a hotel inside the ship, I’m pretty stoked to hear this. George Montremo “The Photographer” went to go check out the room situation, while we’re still getting our lazy asses out of the car, I look up and read a sign “Viana Medical Center”. After some laughs about “this could be the sketchiest place to ever sleep”, George comes back to tell us theres no rooms. Everything worked out perfect seeing there was a hostel right up the road.

The next morning we grabbed some amazing coffee and went to go check out some spots, There was some amazing stuff but the businesses would kick you out instantly during the week. The local friend Ciso told us he had a bowl in the works right outta town, We were so stoked to check out a DIY spot. The photo above with the tractor driver is right when we pulled up to his house. On the other side of the wall was a 5 ft. bowl with a little corner pocket, rows of grape vines dangling down, & epic country side views. It was a amazing time, Thanks Ciso so much for the rad time and the homemade bottle of wine! So stoked we got to meet up and cruise.

Dave Bachinsky

I gotta give a shout to the Vox Portugal Crew for making our trip amazing!

Carlos Viegas, Tiago Acores, Remato Aires, Gorje Montremo, Joåo Sales, Ciso, The hommie John & Ricardo Fonseca

Thanks Dudes

Check out Ricardo Fonseca’s part in the Cliché video!

Photos from the trip:

Zarautz – Spain    /    Bordeaux – France    /   Madrid/Bayonne/Cologne

Rotterdam – Holland    /    End Of The Road

Video of the trip

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