Fortaleza, Brazil

Diego Fioreseskt Cruisen

The World Cup Skateboarding took place in Fortaleza, Brazil for the 10th Annual CEARA World Cup Street Competition. We had paradise at our feet, 5 days of beach front views & 10 miles inland was a amazing skatepark. The lights at the park would go on at night and all the locals would be ripping it!

Fortaleza Skatepark

 The endless amount of towers bypassing my airplane window when I was flying into Fortaleza puts  me in the mindset where I asked myself  “how much can one city build?” Getting off a 13 hour flight, I was exhausted till we starting driving away from the airport. Motorcycles were charging by the car to the left and right of us while we were in traffic. We got to the highway and kids were playing soccer along the side of the on ramp. To the right of us kids were sliding down a giant hill with cardboard boxes,  It was an awakening to see how much energy Fortaleza had.

. . Mornings . .


 It was a proper morning, how could it not be, I was bombing down the street to an 11 foot bowl that was along the beach. As we were skating down the street all the locals were turning their heads. We had found a rad kicker in front of the local fish market. People instantly gathered to see us cruise around.

Market Chaos With Adam Dyet - Kickflip

Market Chaos With Adam Dyet – Kickflip

A little further down the way we stumbled into what looked like a boat graveyard. People are hanging out selling fresh coconuts,  Fires are burning up that afternoon feast, while stray animals run aimlessly pass us. Palm trees with swinging hammocks and old wooden boats every where in sight, this epic view was giving the blue water that much more of a shine. It was basically a modern day pirate city.

September 8th – Brazil’s Independence Day

Waking up to a repeated drum roll and our 20th story hotel door creaking from the wind,  I did’t know what to think. All I could think of was  “Donny your out of your Fucking element.”  I got myself up to go meet everyone for breakfast, as I’m pouring my coffee I am watching the local news. It was talking about a parade riot in Rio De Janeiro. 10 minutes later Diego Fiorese and myself cruised through the streets of the parade. There were 6 year olds in single filed lines, wearing Army outfits marching by us. Then I looked up to see two cops standing on their motorcycle seats,  guns drawn, acting out a shootout. It was by far one of the most interesting parades I’ve ever been to.

The Contest.

A solid hour of cruising around the skate park, in the southern heat,  I had to sit down and grab a drink of water. As I put down my board I heard a different sound from the truck on my board, I had blown out the pivot cup. The truck was hitting metal on metal. I was wondering why I was getting wheel bite so easy. My run was in five minutes & I didn’t know what to do about my truck. I looked at my friend Kelvin Hoefler and mentioned what had happen. Within minutes he gave me his truck, and  I got cruising just in time for my run. I ended up winning the prelims that night, thanks so much buddy for keeping me rolling! Check out the finals from ESPN Brazil.

Thanks so much for everyone that made this adventure happen!

Fortaleza, Brazil 2013

Click The Image Above for a 360 interactive view

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